DIY Halloween costumes that are boo-fully inexpensive and easy to make

As soon as the Thanksgiving turkey is gone, it seems the Halloween spirit ramps up. We start decorating our houses, stocking up on treats, and brainstorming about what our costumes will be. While there’s always the option to purchase a ready-made costume, a DIY Halloween costume ensures you’ll be unique during all the fun. Creating your own doesn’t have to be scary: DIY Halloween costumes can be inexpensive and easy to make. Pinterest has all kinds of great ideas and we’ve listed some of our favourites below. So, start browsing, then pick up some craft supplies and turn frightful into delightful.

Cleanest idea on the block: DIY bar of soap costume.

To create this easy DIY Halloween costume we found from HGTV, you’ll need white and clear balloons (available at your local dollar store or party supply shop) and some fabric paint (available at a craft store like Michaels), and a while sweatshirt. Paint the word SOAP on a white sweatshirt, attach balloons by hot glueing or sewing on the knotted ends, or tie balloons to a heavy white string and wind several times around your body. For a fun finishing touch, tie a couple of balloons onto a headband.

Let it rain cats and dogs this Halloween.

Have a stuffed animal collector in the family? Put those to good use in this fun DIY Halloween costume that we found in Real Simple! Round up the raincoat and rain boots and find an umbrella. Use a hot glue gun to attach stuffed cats and dogs to the top. If it happens to rain on Halloween, your trick-or-treater will be well prepared.

Tap into your creative superpower with this easy DIY superhero costume.

To create this look that we found on HGTV, start with a cozy sweatshirt base layer – the more colourful, the better. Then head to the dollar store for a tablecloth to transform into a cape and some poster board to turn into a fun speech bubble. Source felt and elastic banding from your local craft store to create a mask.  Have a few trick-or-treaters? Create a squad of superheroes and get ready to conquer the street!

Roll the dice and create this easy DIY costume.

Get in the game and create what may be the easiest costume ever! Paint a square cardboard box white. Leave the bottom open for legs and cut holes for your child’s arms and head.  Cut circles out of black construction paper and glue them to the sides of the box. For siblings, this one is a win-win.

Dive in and try this fun DIY Halloween costume.

Make waves on the street with a lit-up jellyfish costume this year. To get this look, source a clear bubble umbrella, some battery-powered twinkle lights and ribbons and oversized googly eyes (or make your own out of poster board) from your nearby craft store. Attach the ribbons to the umbrella edge and the eyes with a glue gun. Wind twinkle lights around the umbrella ribs for a fun finishing touch.

Whatever costume you choose, be sure to stay safe by crossing streets carefully and of course, remembering to social distance whenever needed. Happy Halloween to all the boys and ghouls out there… best wishes for a fun and spirit-filled Halloween from CST!

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